Tips.. for the week

Hey all. I’m on day 2. Mood is decent. Only thing is my guts. Feels like a cat fight. Any tips.


Booze? If so, bland type foods- rice/toast/applesauce, sipping water through the day & most importantly don’t drink booze today!

Opiates? Water & electrolytes. Same approach once you have an appetite again, stool softeners and don’t f-n use today.

We never have to, or need to, do day 2 again. Glad you’re here, Jay.


Booze. I’ve been here too many times to wanna go through this again. Thanks for your help.

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Try a meeting they helped me wish you well


Will take a while for the stomach to calm down well it did mine, its all part of the process …just hang on in there

Lots of water
Bland foods toast, oats, pasta, rice

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My go-to foods for a sensitive stomach are fruit cocktail, oatmeal (try them together!) and peanut butter. Best of luck to you!

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