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Ironic thing, i was a heavey drinker…obviously…when I got married, it was a military wedding, and it was dry. It was still one hell of a party.


I agree with having the booze at your wedding, I totally would do it too…but not having it would not cause people to suffer. Humans can all get along just fine without it. The real difference is that WE can not get along fine WITH it. LOL


100% agree. Our society equates lack of alcohol with lack of fun. Commercials, social media, ect.


Definitely better, I noticed I was getting so distracted by every one else wants and needs for my wedding I was completely missing the point. Lol it’s about me n my guy no body else… Just love and commitment - so we are getting married at the same place as b4 with just us… And we will have the whole weekend to do whatever we want lol Nov 2nd 2019❤️


I agree, but in my mother’s words, “it’s not right to expect everyone else not to drink bc you too don’t…” so hence why I’m eloping crazy mother control issues lmao…