To close to home

Personally I am doing ok. Some days are better than others and lately I have found every excuse to have a glass or bottle of wine but I have choose to say no (even if it means eating a sinful amount of chocolate). However today is not about me. We found out that my son’s friend over dosed last night. 21 years old, known as the life of the party always the fun guy. Nice kid but has been addicted as long as my son has been. The news rocked me. I know my son is not clean “it’s only weed” according to him, but he is drinking to pass out. I am afraid what this will so to him. God I can’t handle the pills and hard stuff from him again. Not that I would ever blame my drinking on him but I did drink to deal with the failure I felt as his mother. 21 years old and he has just been added to the opioid number. Praying my boys make it through this. My addict son and my youngest who feels like he should have known or been there or something, even though that doesn’t make sense.

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I’m 32 and a few years ago when I was 28 I overdosed on heroin. The doctor said that if the ambulance was a few minutes late, I probably wouldn’t be writing you this now. I definitely know what your going thru and dealing with. My name is Quin, if you ever want to talk or if you have any questions about that whole lifestyle, feel free and reach out. My prayers are with you and your family🙏🏾