To or not to¿

I found this great site on one of these threads

Self-Abuse Finally Ends (S.A.F.E. Alternatives) (treatment for self-harm behaviour) (also includes a list of useful hotlines / text lines)

First of all, I still struggle with shaving. My brain tells me “Do it! Do it! Do it!” Even 4 months later. Anyways, Im talking with my dad and he says probably not because they don’t accept insurances, and my mom is asking me if I really need it. Yeah…. I do….
They (my parents) said they would pay for it if I really need it and the insurance wont pay for it. BUT! the website DID say that SOMETIMES a client can work something out with their (the clients) insurance, but thats a maybe/if.

Has anyone used them before? Did it work for you? Is it worth it?


I haven’t used it - I don’t struggle with this personally - but I am bumping this thread up, maybe someone with some insight may see it :innocent:

Take care and ultimately if it looks reasonably good and healthy and things are appropriate, like they have clear programs & policies, reasonable program plans, and your instinct says it’s worth a shot, maybe go for it. Nothing to lose right?