Tobacco is a pain

Hi guys!

I quit drinking (for now)about a week ago. I’ve been doing allright. Tried quitting smoking and got to day 3. I relapsed today. Had an argument with my partner and thought tobacco would be a great idea :japanese_ogre: it wasn’t. I feel stupid and not in charge of my emotions. Hate what it does to my skin and body and everything about it. I associate smoking with anxiety. I know how to deal without smoking still somehow this is my solution. F*ck.

New here, 34yrs female bingedrinker-alcoholic. It seems harder to quit smoking than drinking. I do not even smoke all the time but clearly it is my go to drug now that I don’t do any other drugs. :poop:


Hey! 31yo weed smoker here. Tobacco has always been my go-to replacement for weed if I decide to stop smoking it. I mix the two sometimes and now it’s difficult to separate the two addictions.

I’ve heard replacement can be really helpful but replacing one negative addiction with another negative addiction doesn’t seem to help in the long run. I’m planning to try replacement but with things that affect my mind in a positive way. No point riding a bike because I hate riding a bike. Find what makes you feel good and try replacing the craving to smoke with that? Sorry if that’s rubbish advice - I’m very new here. Best of luck x


Thanks for the reply! I don’t believe in replacements either f.ex nicotine patches, need to find that positive thing! Good riddance with getting clean from weed! :clap:

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Good point. Maybe trying to do everything at once is just not reachable right now…


Welcome Zephyrine :green_heart: