Today I am grateful for


I haven’t seen a recent gratitude post, so I thought I would start one. I find that practicing being present in the moment and content - even about just one thing - exercises my overall outlook and positivity.

Today I am grateful for cozy Sunday Mornings with frosty Earth :snowflake: hot tea :tea: and snuggles with my puppers, Gypsy :dog2::heartbeat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Today i am grateful for the weekends where i can relax and heal


Today I am grateful to be able to spend the day with my husband and our doggie Pungy​:pray::ring::ring::dog:


Today i am greatful to my parents for inviting me and my daughter for ap lovely Sunday roast x


I’m grateful for the nice relaxing weekend just gone as i didn’t drink and went shopping and treated myself to a few things i needed way better than spending my money on alcohol and being hungover the next day x :blush::blush::blush:


Today I am grateful for family n friends supporting me through my relapse before I go to rehab.


Awesome things to be grateful for, you all :heartbeat:

Today I am grateful for my work ethic and my community considering and trusting me to personally send me info on job openings they hear about. ( I moved for an opportunity that didn’t work out and am recently back in my hometown, looking for work. )

It makes me feel proud and strong that I have been able to maintain a stellar reputation.


A chance to recover , my job,my children ,my home, and my vehicle.


Starting my 7th day hangover free. I am grateful for my strength, my daughter who helps me laugh, and my health. Taking my daughter to her first rock concert tonight? Here’s to not buying $12 beers at the concert!


I’m grateful for the goodness of humanity…the patience, caring, love, and forgiveness that shows itself when it is most needed. I’m grateful for the blessing of another day, and another chance to be a better version of me.


I’m grateful for making it through a potential trigger and not picking up. And for my sponsors help with something that could have been a very impulsive action. Todays a new day with no mistakes in it! :honeybee:


Im grateful God is one persistent dude :yum::pray:


Today Im grateful for feeling fantastic without any drug, my cat❤ , and nature


The overwhelming love and care from family and friends. Cosy evenings reading and early nights. Being emotionally available for my children.


Today I am grateful for a job opportunity that I start tomorrow. Family and this forum to give me the strength and support. And last but not least, kombucha and gelato :blush::heartbeat:


another day of sobriety.


Today I am grateful for: A supportive husband, a great movie night with my husband and his brother, and selling our car and getting rid of two payments by doing so, woo hoooooo!!:confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:


thats whats up, sober pal, is all about living that peaceful life, taking care of what we need to care of congrats on all your accomplishments so far, and many more for sure


Making another meeting with my sponsor and being sober another day.


Still having a job and frankly being alive