Today I am grateful for


That early in the morning i saw big dipper and heard an owl :pray:


Today I’m grateful to spend with a good friend before going to rehab soon. Just hanging out, very simple but very nice


Im grateful for the first few days of keto and I am so glad I didnt know it told me and the boys and Bridget that they have made pepperoni and they all are doing well for those involved with their lives for me to bring home whatever they need to be a better spreadsheet I’d love to hear about jumping out and stretching their heads to get a little nervous in the morning.

Honestly i just hit the center word repeatedly. Im grateful for whimsy behavior. :stuck_out_tongue:


another sober day


I am grateful to be sober. I never thought I could do it.


Im grateful im at 6 weeks today x


Today I am grateful for 7 days sober. Have a wonderful day, all! :heartpulse:


I’m extremely greatful for a growing relationship with my boys (12&9) and that they’re both playing baseball. I’m also greatful for finding this place…


Today I’ve been thinking a lot about how grateful I am for my two Boston Terriers. They’re such good, loving dogs. They can get a bit overly rambunctious if they are wound up, but generally they are so well-behaved. I just love them so, so much. I tear up thinking about it sometimes (happy tears), especially my Chief who I raised myself from 10 weeks old (he’s the smaller one on the left).

Those two are my best friends. I do everything I can to give them a great happy life. I hope they know or can at least sense how much I love them. I’m really looking forward to seeing them when I get home today. Maybe get them some doggy ice cream on the way.


Never gets old😁


My Cat, getting better at lucid dreaming, being social again


Rambunctious - brilliant description!


every day we learn more about ousrselves, if we really wanto


Grateful for a better ability to stay sane when life throws curve balls since I’m not drunk, hungover or withdrawing!


Coffee, AA and amazing friends


I’m feeling extremely grateful for my life today.


Today I’m grateful for my boyfriend, my awesome lil’ dog and having treated myself to a really nice bath. :):relaxed:


Today I am feeling grateful for all the wonderful people i have in my life, and also the random kindness of people

Today while in line for coffee, i pulled up to the window to pay and found of the man in front of me paid for my coffee.

Its the little things in life that matter :slight_smile: made my whole day brigther


today i am grateful to be present for my daughter and her 15th Birthday. She has only seen me sober the last 19 months in those 15 years. Im so lucky to be her dad and she sure digs my sobriety!


I dont have a pic of me and her thats current. This is my wife and her last weekend. I guess i need to take that pic tonight!