Today I’m committed

Just joined here and excited to have and give support. Hungover and embarrassed from yesterday’s drink. Tired of planning around my drinking and being absent from my family. They deserve better. The poison is damaging my health and stealing my ambition and I won’t allow it anymore. It’s not that I can not drink again but my mindset is that I do not want to. Day 1 - stay strong


Congratulations on today! The first day is so important and may you have many more.

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Hey man,

Good on you for getting the idea to stop.
It’s a good step towards self improvement and thus happiness in the longrun. Whether you think you’re addicted or simply want to try out using less, I think you’ll learn most about yourself by reading and spending some time in the community section. You may find you’ve alot in common with others and you may find some insights or solution or more important: you are not alone and there are people like you, who would love to help you in any way possible.

Good luck on your journey and hope to see more from you tomorrow :slight_smile:


Good luck and stay strong :muscle:

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Thank you. Appreciate the encouragement

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You can do it! I’m on day 8 right now and this is the first weekend i’ve not drank in a while. Couple weeks ago i caught myself really slacking. I was stopping after work and buying 4 single shots every day when i told myself ohhh moderation is okay. That lasted about two weeks and then i was like uh oh. No, back to weekends only. We are not going backwards. I stopped getting drunk on work nights about two and a half years ago. We are not going back. Anway, rambled for a bit. You got this, keep it up and welcome to the sober club.


Welcome Arno. Great post, thanks.

Hi I’m Melissa I’m new here I’m a recovering addict been clean 60 days I’m in halfway house for women I’m just living one day at a time I’m having some health issues that I’m trying to recover from be just for today I am loving me


Hi Melissa, Congratulations on 60 days clean. Hope your health improves soon.

Since my topic popped back up, I’ll update. Few hrs away from laying my head down with 3 days of sobriety. Feels good not to wake up hungover, I had forgotten what that was like. I can’t say any one withdrawal has been the worse, just a mild slap in the face of the usual 4 or 5 symptoms. To be honest I’m just feeling a little wacky (only term I can come up with). I appreciate the response and encouragement you all have given me. Don’t think I would have done it without ya. Head up, stay strong and keep moving on! :no_entry_sign::skull_and_crossbones:


Nice! I started feeling a little better each day after day three.

The worst is behind you. Keep going!

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Sounds like u have some great reasons. I had similar. Keep us posted :purple_heart:

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Leveled up! Had a few slides since I joined but got back on track and have 5 days behind me. Feeling good for the most part even though I slept like shit last night and work pissed me off today. Only one who knows I quit drinking is my wife, and she is quite happy about it. Next I’ll have to let my pals know, not sure if they be as happy. You all have been most helpful, keep it up! :skull_and_crossbones::free:


Congrats on your streak! Just take it one day at a time! Keep checking in, this place has helped me get passed cravings and im on day 18.5 alcohol and weed free. There are more seasoned sober people but just thought id chime in that mood typically improves after day 10