Today I’ve decided

Hopefully this helps


Welcome Alice! I hope this place helps you as well. Lots to read and inspiration if you look around. Glad you are here!


Welcome Alice! Glad you found us.
I hope you get as much out of this forum as I have. Come daily, read and interact. Tons of educational, motivational and inspirational posts right here at your fingertips.

Alice, glad you are here as well. This is a safe place to vent, seek help, find inspiration and support.

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Welcome! I hope we can share our journeys and support each other!

Hey thanks so much.
I’m ashamed. It doesn’t matter how little I drink, I always black out.
I’m not sloppy.
I can’t ever make it to the end of the night without throwing up.
I’m tired of looking back at weddings and I just remember disappointing my loved one. I’m
Doing this because I know alcohol isn’t good for me, it’s going to ruin me, and my relationship if I don’t make a change.


I understand those feelings, as I share the shame and pain after waking up and trying desperately to figure out what happened, and if I did something embarrassing - much to the disappointment of my loved ones and friends.

We have made the most important first step, to decide for ourselves that this is not the way we want to live our lives!

We can do this - we will; and we can also forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past - we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t have these experiences, and now we know what we don’t want to be like.


Hello Alice welcome!

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