Today is almost 4 days alcohol marijuana free

Never done this before,support groups whatnot I’ve tried to quit and cut back but for once I feel God taking the need for vodka and drugs away my mind feels clearer no weird dreams normal appetite not eating a lot due to munchies. I made a promise to myself to never do it again as long as I’m alive I want to succeed I know my addictions have clouded my path to success but this time I feel true hope this is the last and final time. I don’t want to fail again I’ve failed in life a lot.


Glad to have you here! This forum will help you a lot to stay on track. I suggest to scroll through the different threads. Pretty sure you’ll find a lot of help and advice. I know many people do a program. Check it out and reach for help when needed. Good luck and best wishes to your journey of sobriety :muscle:

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