Today was some bullshit

Absolutely pissed with the lack of effort anyone else qants to put in to things, my band played tonight and it was a fucking train wreck, my guitarist never seems to give a shit about anything, equipment is falling apapet due to not being maintained, the he is just diwning vodka at the preshow jam, shows up to the show late, i basically set up everyone’s shit, then his amp was nit working, so most of our set was a waste, the he says hes sick and just dips out soche dint have to help with gear, being at a venue i used to frequent and playing a show sober was d a weird feeling, it was really hard tovstay sober, but i did it, i dont know how many nire things disappointing me im going tovbe forced to deal with, but it is very frustrating to want to at least progress when noone cares… what is the point of any of it

Thanks for reading

Stay strong friends


Might be time for a band sit down to see how serious everyone is about the career. Drugs, alcohol and resentments seem to be the biggest causes of bands failing no matter how popular or well known they are.

Being on both sides I understand

I been fired many times for being too drunk to do anything, now that I’m on the other side of it I understand it more.

Lasr show I played as a hired gun bassist, the vocalist showed up to the venue and drank all day, I helped the rest of the guys setup and by song 5 he was so shot he struggled through the rest of the set. He said oh I guess I shouldn’t have showed up getting wasted all day. They offered me an invite to be a full time player but I said dude needs to go, he’s unprofessional doesn’t practice doesn’t want to go to shows outside of his comfortable drunk driving range. They have tons of potential but a boat anchor for a front man.

Guitar players are a dime a dozen, good guitar players also a dime a dozen he doesn’t want to put the work in find someone who does

That sucks man. I feel you on dealing with people who are still heavily reliant in alcohol. The longer you stay sober the less tolerance you have for all that bullshit.

It’s quite common for people to loose a lot of friends when they go sober. I personally was in the music industry in my home city playing shows and i quickly realised that these kinds of people weren’t my friends at all. They were just people i used and got loaded with.

Eventually we just drifted apart aside from the ones i was genuinely mates with and could actually hang out with sober. Ultimately its fucking hard to stay sober when your circle of people are all pissheads.