Tomorrow marks a week

Tomorrow will mark one week that I have not had a drink. It has been so long since I have went a full week without drinking. I am proud of myself but I’m also afraid of relapsing. I do not want this life of drinking two to three times per week and waking up feeling so hungover that I don’t want to get out of bed. Alcoholism has ran in my family for a long time. I’m sure for generations. I want to be that change not only for myself but for my family. I’m typically not a person that talks really to anybody. I’m a big loner and I don’t want to reach out for help but I know to make this change I may need to reach out for a little help and to receive some advice on how to stay sober. The struggle is definitely real. I feel myself today having some cravings but for the most part I feel like I can beat those cravings because I don’t want to relapse. Any tips or advice is welcomed. I hope everybody’s having a great day.


just take it a day at a time. whats helped me through the cravings is having a ‘to-do’ list so i can quickly occupy myself with another activity while it passes – which it always does! have some la croix or delish drinks you like in your fridge nice and cold. x


Welcome CatLady !
The above sounds very familiar… But actually once you stop drinking, it gets easier :+1:
I hope you find support over here.

You made it up to one week, so you know you can do it. Congrats on the first week and reaching out !