Tonight almost broke me

Tonight almost broke me.
But it DIDNT!
We went to our neighbors house for a bonfire, they’re drinkers, and also VERY polite hostesses. But they don’t know my struggle with alcohol. When I got there they offered me every drink possible, I politely declined, but they kept asking. I should say here that I didn’t feel like they were trying to force me to drink, but they were really just making sure I knew I could have something if I wanted it. Well then she brought out a plate of shots (she does this whenever they have people over) I declined the shot. at this point I actually felt like I was being RUDE because I kept saying no, but were not super close to them so I didn’t want to start telling them my life story.

Anyone else? Am I crazy? How do I say no? Because they’re coming over for my husbands birthday party on Sunday and I don’t know if I can keep saying no. Is there anything else I can say that won’t draw attention to me?


That’s great that you held up.All I can say is be polite and courteous,say for personal reasons you are not drinking. It’s your life decision, you only have to explain as much as you want. Again great job.


You can just say your on antibiotics or some form of medication. Im at the stage that when asked why not drinking i tell them because i just dont want to. It makes me feel dreadful the next day so i decided its not for me. Everyone so far have been great and respond with ok… fair enough. Dont worry about it. They dont need to know the ins and outs of it all. We really shouldnt bother what other people think. It is ok to say no . Its far from being rude. Youl be fine. :grin::shamrock:


At first it felt rude for me to say no when offered a boozy drink… but now it just rolls off my tongue without flinching - “no I wouldn’t like a drink I’m very happy with my ginger beer thank you very much” :smile:


Say your on medication for a couple of weeks and you can’t drink, tell them You’d love to have a few but because of the medication it made you sick a few nights previous when you had alcohol. If they ask what’s wrong just say it’s something minor like a chest infection.


Great work on saying no repeatedly! You should feel v proud of your will power.

I use high tryglicerides (which i don’t have!) as an excuse. It’s a medical problem that comes from diet that can be fixed by eating right. Plus people’s eyes tend to glaze over when I say a word like tryglicerides so they just quickly accept it and move on :joy:


Just say thanks but i dont drink


I wouldn’t lie but I wouldn’t go into detail. Getting sober and being in recovery is about changing your behavior and to me lying seems like old behaviors … I would simply say “ no thank you I don’t drink”


Great job at resisting!

In my experience people don’t care if you drink or not. In our mind, we think we are being rude but your really not.

Think of it like this. If you were the hostess would you be offended if someone told you they don’t drink? I certainly wouldn’t be! I’d be like cool more alcohol for me. The only time I’ve seen the opposite is when people may have had alcohol problems, they will really try and make you drink.

Don’t assume what others are thinking, the only thing you know for sure is what your thinking! :grimacing:

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