Total Failure

How many times do I have to fail before I can get this right…I’m so disappointed in myself,my actions,and my lack of strength…feeling really down on the inside…

It’s only a failure if you stop trying. Seeing as you’re here it appears to me that you have not failed.


I really feel like giving up…

Sometimes I feel like I’m too hard on myself but then I’m like…I’m supposed to be hard on myself right?

@Englishd is totally right. You’re here, so you’re not giving up on yourself. Deep down, you know you’re better than this, you just need some help getting there, that’s all. Try a meeting, or get some kind of support if you haven’t already. Sometimes this forum just isn’t enough for some people. You will find that strength to get and stay sober one day because this obviously means a lot to you. But you need to learn how to push through the hard times, and you need a good support network.
Here if you ever need to talk.


The answer is, as many times as it takes! But dont give up. Like they say in AA meetings, don’t leave before the miracle happens. :purple_heart: Tomorrow is a new day and you can do this.


Thanks so much,I appreciate it

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I keep trying to tell myself to let go of the past and focus on tomorrow…but…guess the guilt is just overwhelming

You can’t do everything all at once in sobriety. You need to think of yourself now, and put the guilt causing things off for a while. Be positive!!

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Now that…I definitely need to work on…I know I am way to negative towards myself

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Tomorrow, eat a healthy breakfast and then do something that gets you one step closer to any of your goals. You don’t have to change your whole life in one day, but you do have to take one step in the right direction. Even the longest trip begins with the first step. Don’t think about everything you need to do to get there, just keep taking one step after another.



Thanks,that really does mean a lot

You’re welcome. We’re here for you!

Aww guys…y’all made me cry…touches my heart…thank y’all for the words and support