Tough evening

I had my friend of 7yrs come to my house after me repeatedly telling him not to. He showed up shit faced drunk. Luckily he did not bring anything to drink w him cause I’d probably just drank to avoid the fight to make him leave. He was out in his car asleep I hoped he would sleep it off wake up later and just leave. He has done this so many times and I have tried so hard to distance myself from him. Next thing I know I hear a short police siren. I obscurely looked out the window to see him sprawled in my drive way and one police car, then 2 more and an ambulance pull up. I went and kind of waited for them to come to the door but they didn’t. I went to peek out of the window again they were gone. Idk if he left in the ambulance or police car. This was very hard to deal with… him yelling on my porch for me to let him in… him crying… claiming to have lost his keys. He lies so much who knows.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk that noise!!! I’m so glad u didn’t involve yourself in that nonsense.


I’m with Gabe. Toxic!


Well done!! You don’t need that shit in your life. Focus on your sobriety and hopefully he’ll see how well you’re doing and maybe decide to jump onnboard.


Oh man…who wants to be that guy again??? Not me!!! Glad you are okay.


Thank you. His car I still in my driveway. Next thing possibly I have to deal w is his parents. I hope they dont try contacting me and blaming me for his actions like they normally do. I’m sure he hasn’t told them I’m trying to stay sober so I’m sure they will. But after that I am going to try and completely cut ties rather than limit contact unless he makes changes himself. Maybe they’ll come get the car while I’m at work and not contact me at all🤞


I’d call them and see if they’ll come get it, otherwise it’s getting towed.
You don’t owe them ANYTHING.


Good advice from @Donna!

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Fuck that.
Good job being distant.
People like that are hard to deal with.