Trading in one addiction for another?

COFFEE! I never been a coffee drinker. I have bad anxiety, made me have panic attacks. I frap the crap out of my coffee. I add chocolate, chia seeds and Ice. FRAP and heaven in a cup. I see that addic behavior already :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Jurys out on that one. I pretty much constantly have a coffee on the go, never refuse one and make another one pretty much as soon as I finish the previous. I shouldnt, I know - it’d probably cure the dark rings around my eyes, that and the 20/30 cigarettes I smoke a day.

The only thing I notice now is that with coffee, I sometimes wake up with that same kidney pain in my back that I had every morning with hard alcohol.


Omg! Nooo. That sounds horrible. I need to stop. B4 It takes over.

Listen to your body love! I had some coffee after a long break today and knew immediately after it was a bad idea by how my body reacted. We have gotta keep ditching the things that aren’t good for us and replace them with things that are, like water. Even that can be bad for you if you go way overboard so vary it up. Do things like teas, water, coconut water, smoothies or seltzer water too instead! Your anxiety and body will thank you as it feels soo much better that way.

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Trading coffee for alcohol is fine as long as its not affecting your health. Maybe cutting out all the extra crap n sugar too. Just regular sugar n creamer may not taste like sex in a cup but it will satisfy still and you will drink less. If its making your anxiety amp up and your just noticing it now u switched maybe kick it back some. Some teas are also great for anxiety maybe a change up instead in the morning…


I have one or two cups only in the morning and then I drink tea and water the rest of the day. I was never a tea drinker, but now I am.


Thats a great Idea. I love Chia seeds! I add it to all my drinks

Teas are fun. So many to choose from

Iced coffee is life. Im trying frapped chocolate almond milk with chia seeds

I had to swap to decaf months ago as I was doing a 500g bag of beans in, in about 3 days. Was making me seriously ill. Heart palpitations,no sleep, not eating. My caffiene intake was causing pretty nasty issues.

For me personally, it’s been extremely important that I address the addictive mindset itself, not just the substance that caused me the most problems. Just staying sober from alcohol isn’t enough for me - I know if I continue to feed that behavior with ANY substance, I am putting myself at much higher risk for relapse.

That being said, coffee is a struggle for me as well lol! I am prone to high levels of anxiety as well, and it definitely amps that up. Also, I’ve noticed that on the days I “give in” and have more than my allotted 2 cups a day, my body feels sluggish as well. Yesterday I ended up pulling a double unexpectedly, and chugged caffeine for about 10 hours straight…last night, my nightmares came back for the first time in almost 2 months since I quit drinking, and I woke up this morning with a headache, sluggishness, and foggy head. Not AS BAD as the morning after a bender, but similar enough that it has strongly reinforced my realization that cutting back is necessary (for me).

Do your best not to mix those two up, now, wont you? I can’t imagine it’d be pleasant accidentally spicing up your coffee life and inproving your sex life with a blend of rich aromas from the Arabica bean fields.

I live on coffee. I’ve always loved it… my first job was as a barista so it predates the booze lol. If you love the taste just make some of them half decaf. Super easy way to not crash and burn, and you still get some caffeine. :coffee:

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