Trading one addiction for another

3 days, 21 hours, 30 minutes.

They’ve told me to take my Ativan to help. How is trading one addiction for another going to help?

I am this close to going to a bar, but I took Ativan. That won’t be a pretty mix if I fall off the wagon.

I came home, got in my jammies, made tea, and took 2 Ativan. I was going to go to the gym but I don’t trust myself in a car right now because it’s just as easy to drive to a bar as it is to a gym.


nothing wrong with that. i took many different routes before instead of the ways that typically led me to the liqour store. Soon you pass and either dont think about it at all or it seems like forever ago you went there like a childhood memory. Weird but true. I know it may not stay that way gorever but keep trying whatever works for you at the time to stay away from that bar or buying alcohol.