Trap? What trap? It's clearly free cheese!

friends and exes. Ugh. Wish me luck when I’m done ill pop back on… sober without a drop.

I’m a little lost but if my decoder ring still works. Im guessing you are going to a social setting? Just be prepared. Have exit plan set up.

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Ex called having a bad trip, I’ve gotta check in see if he’s ok. His new roommate called shortly after.
This is a big trigger for me, so I am going to an AS meeting after.
Sorry I’m a drama queen.

You are not a drama queen. This is what the board is for. Early on I might suggest stay away from that but I hope you do fine

Ya i know. I checked in his parents were there thank God. Still not fun.

I’m glad you are doing okay. And glad he’s doing. Stay strong and hopefully you aren’t put in that place again.