Traveling and staying sober

Im a recent college graduate and have been enjoying the sober life. In the last month i went from California to Chicago to visit my boyfriend and now we are heading to NYC for fun. I did well here in Chicago but im a little nervous how i will do in NY. Everytime i have visited NYC i think i had a few drinks every night. And when i get back home to California how do i get back into a routine to stay sober. I realized alot of my friends that I have drink far too much and i need to make some adjustments . Any suggestions?

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New York, Neeeew Yoooork!

Love New York! What did you do in Chicago that made you so successful? I would try and replicate that in NY. When I was there just last year (for UFC, what!), I was still drinking and we stayed near times square, so there were friggin bars everywhere.

I might also look for things to do in NY that aren’t necessarily just sitting around, drinking in a restaurant or bar. Restaurants I get, you gotta eat, but definitely try and avoid bars.

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Yes i love NYC also. Half of the week we will stay in the Hamptons to visit my boyfriends parents and the other half of the week we will stay in Times Square also. I lovvee UFC also awesome. I am definitely already looking into places like shopping and the movies and plays and all that fun stuff. I think i did well in Chicago because i have been just building my business up and only going out on the weekends so it hasnt been too bad. The real test will be when i get back to California where drinking is all people do near the beach where i live is workout and get drunk at any chance they can get

Have you thought about going to meetings? They are all around the world

I have been considering going because i have been doing so well abstaining from alochol and i thinl im ready to open up about the bigger issues i have. Thanks

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