Traveling for work=kind of a trigger

So I’m traveling for most of this week which is usually when I drink a lot. I’m in California and normally would use this as an opportunity to get pretty drunk most of the days.

I still don’t want to drink, but I’m insanely bored. Like really really bored and that makes me want to drink.


Take a hike! California’s got stunning landscapes.

See a museum - depending on where you are, there’s some amazing museums there.

Go to an amusement park.

Go to a nice restaurant or a nice ice cream place. Surprise yourself.

Boredom means you want something new. Get creative! Adventure :innocent:


I felt this way when my company sent me to a different state last year. I also had the thoughts of no one would know but it boiled down to I would know. I decided to use my spare time going to museums, historical places and hiking trails.


Google is your friend. Find things to do. Historical sites, museums, art shows, fancy restaurant with reallllllly good food, AA meeting…anything to keep you busy.

The money you will save by not drinking…might as well as be used for something fun and exciting


That would definitely be hard but just like everybody said think about all the time you could spend seeing some sites. And then this is the best part…… while everybody else is lapping up booze in the hotel bar you can come back and get a great nights sleep and be on point the next day for work. Nothing is worse than trying to focus at work while you’re hung over! You can do it my friend!


today I’ll get out to see some more stuff, but yesterday was a rough one.


I’ve been trying to stay on east coast time to help crash early!


Have you considered attending an A.A. meeting? I travel a lot for my livelihood, and I found out that Las Vegas, just for example, has a thriving recovery community. A speaker meeting in a new city can be a really interesting way to pass a sober evening. No reason to be bored when there are so many of us gathering each day :v:


I did virtual meetings every day. Hitting the bed now and stayed sober the whole week.