Trigger warning****

I feel so lost. I had 2 months sober before I fell off the wagon a month ago. I’m becoming so lost that I started doing drugs, and now I feel in love with the feeling. I’m not looking for any pity… I know I’m doing this to myself. Maybe this is what my life is meant to be like? F*ck. I’m sorry. I should just delete this app. Sorry if I triggered any of you. I just dont know how to be without it all.


I am a drunk, but I said all of that to myself too. You deserve a sober and clean life. You can have it if you are willing to do some work for it. It may not be easy, but I promise it will be worth it.


You deserve everything you desire. Inner peace, calmness, happiness, love. You just have to take the 1st step towards receiving it. Go to a meeting, then another and then another. I was an addict/drunk for over 30 yrs. I lost it all then regained it just to loose it again. Almost 7
Months ago I legally died for the 5th time in my life and came to with 2 months clean. Then bedridden for another 2 months ( 4 months sober. who knew i could do it. So i decided to go for 6 months and then I’d celebrate. But i found allbi was learning about myself mad see me happy and even lean towards loving myself enough to stay sober. hope any of t hat helped. We held fast through the chaos of addiction, but in sobriety we can love hard. go to a meeting and take life a minute or an hour at a time.

Things can change for the better. Just about 2 years ago I was about to propose to the girl I thought was the one I was going to move to north Carolina and move in with her. Now I’m in Vegas with family I was angry and mad how things went but if you keep an opened mind that love and change is possible things will turn around. You never know where your going to be years from now. It takes one small thing to get you off your path but it takes one small thing to find your path

Don’t delete Kendall. You posted here for a reason and that’s not just to say goodbye. We’re all lost. Finding ourselves back is what we are all trying to do. Being here helps. A lot. Hang with us and don’t give up. Alone it’s too much. Together we can do this.


What @Mno said bud !!
Maybe time to face the demons inside from which i think you clearly are running from by drowning your real feelings.
Getting numb is not beïng alive… trust me,

You alone can do this, but you can’t do it alone…
Stay on the TS-forum

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