Troubles fighting that itch

Having a hard day mentally and really struggling with not smoking. For about 10 years I’ve smoked herb to aide/smoothe mental states that where overwhelming, and even tho I once had 16 months clean and sober, I’m having trouble staying clean like I once did… its like I forgot everything I learned and I’m feeling quite helpless and ready to medicate. Any support and advice are welcome…


How you doing?
Try to distract yourself.
Go for a walk.
Have a bath
Run up and down the street.
What ever it takes.
Remember these feelings pass. They always do.
Stay strong


weed is so interesting to me when i try to quit. how can something non addicting be so habbit forming

i never understood why i had the obbsetion. i just know that its hard to quit and im better off it.

day 9 sober for me


Well done on the 9 days bud
From personal experience I’d say it’s the feelings we get addicted to.
I was lucky enough to stop smoking weed a few years ago when my kids were born.
I did think about using it as a crutch to get off booze but then realized that it would just be replacing one with the other.


the only thing weed gave me was a buzz that later on turned to anxiety which pretty much messed with my head

for me personaly, it tricked me and back stabbed me

it was the main focus of my life

if i put weed back in my life, it would go from abstince to full on smoking as much as i can. in that decision to smoke weed, id be obsessed be4 the day is over

its a plant yes

vice versa
its just a plant

i dont need to be stoned all the time
i did it plenty as a teen

its just a plant

ahh ok :slight_smile:
i feel better

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