Truth and tough love


I am my clients. But I’m amazed that they are able to overcome a lot of obstacles that they face. Generational poverty, systemic racism and classism are literally all they know. And I have the privilege of seeing them get better. I’ve had rough times in my life, but nothing compared to what my clients face on even a good day. That’s part of the reason I give my tough love on here. I’ve seen what truly bad times are, and I still watch people over come. If they don’t use their circumstances as an excuse then I’ll be damned if I’m going to in my cushy ass life.


Oh yes, they actually arent weak in that sense and i didnt mean it that way


I know you didn’t. I didn’t even think that for a second.


I wish that one day im able to do something similar and give back. Ive got so much help from others :pray:


Help comes in many forms, even something as small as reaching out on here is still help. Making coffee at a meeting. Answering the phone when someone calls. It’s all help in my book.


I know, that is my first step :slight_smile: but having some years left before my retirement age, id want to do some valuable work with those in need.


I only have facebook and this now. Used to have instagram, twitter and snap chat! All mindlessly scrolling! I deleted majority of people off facebook and also turned off notifications so i only really get involved in my meditation self care groups on there now! Made such a difference to my own mental health!


Ironic, that as I was sharing about my job on this thread I found out I had a client pass away. I had grown quite fond of her as she was a really nice lady. It sucks, that’s for sure, but it’s definitely not a reason to go drink.


So wish I could get an old flip phone and call it good, but alas, my job requires me to have 6 moble apps to function. At least they pay 2/3 of the bill. The only social media I have is linkedin, also a job requirement.

I love to sit in my chair and immerse myself in a good book, ink on dead tree, and get away from all the blue light and infernal gadgetry.


If I could like this a thousand times I would! Social media is toxic! My kid is in 6th grade, and I’m keeping her away from it as long as possible!


Oh thats sad :confused:


This is incredible. Have had the thought of converting my smart phone to a flip phone several times, but always come up with excuses (some good) to keep it :expressionless: My kids will definitely be getting flip phones when the time comes. I don’t know how parents can afford it anyway :grimacing: if you think about how much we spend on these smart devices… such a waist of money.


Sobriety doesn’t happen overnight. I know you expect everything to get better immediately but that’s not how this works. You drank and used for how many years? Decades? Now you want to give up bc your life isn’t better in a week? It’s going to take years to get these repairs finished. Get over yourself and get to work for the love of God. And remember each time you relapse you are just making more work for yourself down the line.


Also, if you try a program for a week or two and don’t get the results you “want” then you need to change your expectations. The program (whatever it may be) works just fine or it wouldn’t be a program.


If you find yourself tempted or relapsing around certain people, these people aren’t your friends.

If you are running with a bad crowd, you are the bad crowd.

Better to be alone, than to go astray.

Eagles don’t flock. Crows do. What is a flock of crows called? A Murder.


Kratom! No! Just don’t do it!

You can’t detox off anything without feeling withdrawals. If that is your aim then you need to get your priorities straight. We all wish detox was painless, in the moment. Most of us are extatic that our detox was absolutely terrible. Not at the time, but looking back. If mine wasn’t absolutely crippling I’d be drinking and popping benzos again.

If Kratom makes you itch, doesn’t that seem a bit like the opiods you were taking before? Please get professional help! There are plenty of “resources” out there that praise this stuff. There are just as many resources that will show the other side.

I’m not trying to start yet another debate about this, I just need to put this out there. The whole thing makes me crazy.


Why on God’s green earth would someone in recovery encourage, much less instruct someone how to take this? I’m at a loss :sleepy:


Because weakeness. Weakness is what brought us to our addiction, weakness kept us in addiction, and weakness is at the root of every relapse.

Sobriety takes strength. Strong is what you get when you’ve run out of weakness.


Lol, not ahead of anybody! Everybody thinks it’s wierd! :grin:… And probably paranoid and conspiracy theorist etc…


Do you put anything on your mobiles for protection? Partial protection, A suggestion is Shungite or smart dots. :wink: :rainbow: