Truth and tough love


Time and change. Those are the two factors you need to allow to happen. Time will pass, a positive change will occur IF you want it to, and IF you put in the effort. They will see the changes over time, and once that happens you will have the chance to reconcile. For now, just focus on your change…being better than yesterday, being the best version of you today.


You said 2 things that made me pause:

  1. I had to argue with them that yes, I do have a drinking problem

Why do they need to be convinced? Why waste your energy convincing anyone? It’s not about them.

  1. nothing is working with them.

I say this with love… You have 24 days.
Give it time.
Less talking. Let your actions do the talking.

It will be ok. You have got this.

And i GET it. I do.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the next



Hahahahaha! So true. :flushed::unamused:


My sponsor always sends me that shit lol


I didn’t want to pray. Prayer was for hypocritical, boring, Christians. I didn’t want to be like them. I didn’t want to necessarily be a Christian. Or start going to Church with bake sales & bingo. I didn’t know God, I did my best to fly under his radar during my drinking days. And if he did exist, he certainly wasn’t looking out for me…

But, 8 hours into what would become my first day of long-term sobriety. I said my first shaky prayer…because there was nothing left to try.

I went into the bathroom. Closed the door. Got down on my knees. And talked to this guy. I told him I was hurting, scared & ashamed. I told him I made a mess of my life, I was a miserable excuse of a woman & I couldn’t do it anymore. I asked for his help. I told him I needed him, I wanted to know him & feel him. I was on my knees for :22 min. I poured my heart out. I literally bowed before him. And then I did the impossible… I believed he could hear me… And then I thought, if he could hear me, I believed he would help me… since the day I let him take charge… I’ve stayed sober.

You’ve got nothing left to lose…


Same, except I cried and begged God to help me. Literally begged on my hands and knees while crying like a baby. I was 30 days sober and an hour out of rehab and I thought I was going to drink. I didn’t know what God I was praying to. I don’t think it really mattered either. I wasn’t a real big God person before that. But I got over myself and prayed like my life depended on it because it did.

I’ll never understand people who can hate a God they don’t believe in. I see it here all the time. Seriously, is your ego so important that you would rather stay sick than pray? Your concept of God can be whatever you want it to be. You can even call Him anti-God if it helps your delicate little ego. You can pray to the devil if it helps keep you sober. But to put all your eggs in the self-will basket is going to screw you over big time.


Thats awesome! I can also say that any amount of sobriety ive ever achieved has been because of my faith in God. Without Him, i would likely be in the thick of it still. Who knows where it could have led me.



No one here can help you unless you are willing to help yourself. I see a lot of people come here, lay it all out, then either disappear or shoot down everyone’s suggestion. Then a month later they are back with some woe-is-me relapse tale. Then act all surprised that it happened. Not sure what you expected…


If you keep believing your gonna relapse … You probably are. As your already excusing it b4 it happens… Mindset and perception means everything!


It’s frustrating I know, but we’ve all been in that shitty place, I just hope they find their way.

I ignored everyone’s suggestions for a long time, they were FOS as far as I was concerned and didn’t realise how bad I really was getting until my extreme blackouts and seizure towards the end, even then I still drank for another couple of days which is insanity at it’s best.

I realised after the seizure I was killing myself and death, long lasting permanent damage or jail were all very realistic possibilities for me, I begged God for a chance and he/she gave me one thankfully. I am so grateful for that.


If your partner tells you they love you, then cause problems with you getting sober or mess with your sobriety, guess what?

You need to make big decisions


This is fantastic


[quote=“Englishd, post:1019, topic:48167”]
Seriously, is your ego so important that you would rather stay sick than pray?

There’s a line in Paradise Lost. Satan and his minions have been cast down from Heaven. Instead of lamenting the punishment for rebellion, Satan justifies himself: “Tis better to rule in hell, than to serve in heaven”.

Some people cling to the illusion of self-control that is one of the lies of addiction. They’d rather stay addicted than surrender to an HP.

What they don’t realize is they are ruled by their addiction. They can’t accept the dichotomy of gaining freedom by surrendering to an HP.


The root of Pride is enmity. Enmity against man and enmity against God. It’s pitting your will against God’s.

Unwillingness to submit and humble yourself. Unwillingness to be meek and teachable. Thats pride.


Benadryl is NOT a healthy sleeping aid… i don’t understand why people think it is :confused:


Anything other then natural sleep is gonna cause issues. Medication effects sleep alot. Its just what other active addict coping recommendations and they do it. Antihistamines can help some while detoxing but dont continue use. It does have dependancy properties.


I don’t see it being healthy for someone who has been here a while now to promote that they are X days sober (yet again) on the daily check in thread and also throwing in that they are sleeping well due to throwing back some benadryl… I’d hate for a newbie to read that and think it worth a try… :confused:


Yeah id hope they understand that taken at high doses for a long time builds a tolerance. You will need more n more just like an opiate tolerance. Just because its OTC does not mean it doesnt have side effects when used long term as its NOT intended for…maybe reading the box or bottle … They think its harmless but they will feel silly when they have withdrawls from it…its not a alcohol or opiate wd but it does have a mild wd and causes dimentia memory loss after long term use. You might as well huff some lysol with it…:roll_eyes:


I remember as a KID knowing that you didn’t take cold medicine unless you really had a cold because it might not work properly when you did need it. Okay, so as a kid I was not going to take it so often and so much as to build up a tolerance but it was drilled into me that you only take medicine as intended and as directed.