Truth and tough love


I like to think that if someone has found their god or their faith, they would not need to try to tear down, insult or judge those who don’t subscribe to their god or their concept of god. Be at peace with what you have found as solace and let your faith comfort and support you. The turn-off for me is when one’s faith or religion or god is used as a weapon to divide or to judge or to belittle others who don’t share the same beliefs.


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I have a bit similar thoughts. That “god”, hp or whatever force it is, is in us. The part we cannot actively control but are able to connect f exp by meditation, meditative actions like hiking through forest or prayer etc
For me, nature is my church and the holiest place where im connected to my “god”
Religions then. What @Rain666 said about their bloody history is sad & true. Yet another way to control and oppress people in the name of this and that god. But then they do some important charity work, also here in Finland, helping the poorest and paperless. That kind of a church i respect, although not a member of it.


Moving on from God (though it is the easiest way to get people all riled up) let’s talk personal responsibility, or lack thereof. If some people worked as a hard at recovery as they do at blaming others they’d be sober AF


We had two people are my home group relapse and come back recently. They both joked about it like its no big deal… That did not last long bc for a lot of us to relapse is to die


I have, and I don’t. Happy to answer questions. Refuse to get into a debate.

I do pray for those who don’t believe. It’s what I pray for that matters. I pray that the God I know shows up on their lives in a way that is undeniable and life-changing, for I know that this mostly happens when we are down to “nothing”.


I submit myself as a humble hypocrite with respect to prayer. I’ve long considered myself agnostic, but not dogmatic about it. I believe that atheism is as thoroughly grounded in ‘faith’ as belief in god. We can neither prove nor disprove a higher power, in my humble opinion, which is why I’m agnostic. So best to not judge lest ye be judged. We can prove that prayer works in a number of healing ways, science teaches us that, and I believe it’s similar to meditation in that regard. I deeply respect and can learn from people of all faiths and I hold no contempt toward any. Though I do not actively practice religion, I do find myself often contemplating the “no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole” adage. Family member stricken with cancer - better pray. Airplane in extreme turbulence- better pray. Natural disaster approaching - better pray. There is something deep in the human psyche that causes prayer in times of death and calamity, it’s undeniable. As agent Mulder said on X-files…I want to believe.


Sorry Dereck, didn’t see that we were moving on from this topic :slight_smile:


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There’s a reason why it is recommended not to start/renew a romantic relationship for the first yearnof sobriety.

Now me, I am happily married, so no choice for me to be a bachelor for my year-1, but if I were single, I do believe I’d heed the advice.


And I want you to believe, but accept the fact that I can’t make you believe. You must arrive at the conclusion yourself, for it to be real to you.


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THIS is one of my issues with some of the more “Godly” talk on this forum (not currently, but from a few years past). I think some people sit back and expect God to do it all for them. Even if you do believe in that tradition and Jedeo Christian God you still have to admit that you need to do the work. God will guide you but He can’t do anything foryou.


I was listening to ‘desert Island discs’ this morning on BBC radio 4 with an author (Marlon James) of ‘a brief history of 7 killings’ about assisanation of Bob marley etc, anyway he is gay and struggled with his understanding of himself and basically said that he hid in the church and with the people who go to church he said (generalising) that people are in there hoping that ‘God’ will do everything for them as it takes the responsibility of themselves away, that ‘God’ will make them rich and that ‘god’ will find him a wife… He found that a nirvana tune from Incesticide ‘had his back’ as it had a line in it saying if you were homophobe then don’t come to nirvana gigs and don’t buy their music… It’s like Marlons Higher Power came from a grunge band… Think its all about a higher power… :point_up::rainbow::pray:.


You just became even cooler in my book. The X-Files is my favorite show of all time.


Yeah…what is the lounge?


It looks like this:


I have had a different experience. Maybe not parting of the Red Sea material, but pretty impactful on my faith:
An off topic testimony for believers (and those undecideds):


Thought that was your basement when I first looked :joy:


It’s a place where those who have earned “regular” status gather to ponder, discuss, and debate high intellectual topics. It is comparable to the age of enlightenment salons of Europe.