Truth and tough love


LOLZ. Close but thankfully not.


@butch has put a good post today called Four Men. (motivation and meditation posts) in motivation. :pray:


Well it’s gotta be better than the houses of parliament in the UK​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That cannot be the same lounge i joined yesterday :wink:


Um, cough, (whispers) it’s what gets posted when @Rain666 asks, it’s so he doesn’t think he’s missing anything!:grinning:


Man they really let the place go :flushed:


It’s a separate category of threads for people who have gained regular status on here. I’ve not been on here as much lately, so I lost regular status. Im irregular. Heh.


As you are a southern belle, I won’t stoop to the level of poop jokes. But I wanna! :poop:


Oh gotcha! Don’t worry, I’m irregular too, lol!:crazy_face:


Courtesy of my friend Chad on another sobriety forum…


Just read his, must have missed it the first time around…what a great read :heart::pray:t2::sunrise:


I like the brutal honesty!


I think @Rain666 knows well that i couldnt belong to anything highly intelligent :wink:


A negative attitude breeds negative results.


Word Nerd activated… there’s this thing that floats around: WATCH. Words, actions, thoughts, character, and habits. They all play on each other and it’s up to us to choose them.

It’s been said in many ways, but one of my favorites:

Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

That s–t is real, so choose wisely in all you do.


A little reinforcement in regards to that post @BondJaneBond made a couple weeks ago about social media.




Agreed. It’s a time suck that keeps sucking. Notifications keep whispering to you every :10 min, followed by spikes of adrenaline like you’re missing something big if you don’t go look. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snap are designed to make you feel like you’re famous. It’s a dangerous delusion in early sobriety (or anytime). Promoting myself online made me feel unique & important. Like my views carried more weight, my comments & life more meaning and my likes given… or not given signaled my power.

Social media is addictive, divisive and an illusion. It encourages our ego to run rampant. It encourages people to beg & chase other people to validate them, to reassure them that their thoughts & feelings are correct. It also encourages harsh judgement of others & especially of ourselves. It ridiculously dares us to spend hours daily… gunning for glory.

I cannot imagine trying to get sober & be cool online at the same time. It takes an enormous amount of time & head space whether you’re online or off. It distracts you, from yourself, your life & your task at hand… getting sober. There is nothing more important on the face of this earth than what you’re doing right now… obtaining & maintaining your sobriety. If there’s ever a time in your life to stop for a moment. Just stop. To reassess your patterns of engaging with the world around you & the people in your life … it’s right here, right now. Eliminating the need to chase attention, praise or popularity is monumentally important to long term sobriety… it’s not a punishment, it’s a crucial mental shift that’s necessary.

Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz…you’ve had the power all along…You don’t need to beg, chase or prove anything to anyone except to yourself, your God & your family. You don’t need the stamp of approval from your bubble of acquaintances to feel good, valued or relevant …and if you do, I’d examine that need first, before I ever updated my status again.


This is so true.