Truth and tough love


I used to do the dipped cigarettes. It was like 10 bux for a dipped cigarette . They called them “Dipperz” when i was in NJ. the high dont last long but it doesnt take but a couple drags. it space u out to cloud 11 for about an hour. Like doing a whippet without the echo senses u get from those but same feeling n last longer when a whippet. I did it because i was broke n withdrawling and some high was better then none… 🤦 stupid addicts


Yeah, its all over DC they call the joints “love boat” ive seen people do some crazy shit on that stuff, we were headed out of town after a job one day and this dude comes running out of the 395 tunnel buck assed naked and hopped on top of a womans car at a red light lol


To my knowledge there is one program that works. Several mirror the original program and taylor it to different types of addictions. There are not short cuts. Instant fixes. Its all about the individual. I did not do this for a job, family, friend or msterial objects. I did it for me. My sobriety is mine and only mine. I am responsible for it period. Did i do it all by myself? No, thousands of people who diligently work the program help me. Even the people who slipped/relapsed reinforced the strength to carry on one day at at a time. Was it easy? No, but working the program leveled the playing field. My sponsors over the years were detrimental in every major decision I have made. Craving, triggers, dreams, ect yes i still experience these. Today they humor me.

For every old timer there are hundreds of year 1s and thousands of day 1s.

Just to clarify I am not saying other programs do not work. However there is one with a higher sucess rate.


It has begun @Neighbrofthebeast668


I figured it was probably happening already, if not it wouldnt be long…dude said the police there had been on the lookout for it for a year now smh so now the weed really is a gateway drug, smoke the same shit for 3 weeks or so and u cant come off of it without going through opiate withdraws…man i really feel for these kids coming up :confused:


And another one has left us. A woman who frequents the same meetings I do passed away of an OD last night. She had just relapsed in early February and had been struggling to get back on the sober horse. Now she’s sober but in the wrong way. Relapses kill.


But…but…they are supposed to be part of recovery. That’s what everyone (who I listen to) says on here. That’s what they say on Fakebook. You mean a relapse may actually lead to my death?


Heeeyyyy maaaannn…mellow out. Pot is waaaayyy safer than booze. It’s justa plant, maaaannn.


and drug dealers are legit pharmacists


4 out of 5 doctors agree, and the fifth one gets a big assed check from whichever corporation is sponsoring him


Unregulated holistic pharmacological practitioners.


Yeah? Well 5 out of 4 weedsmokers say that THC has no effect on the brain.


Some idiot posted this on the FB recovery group im in…as is the way on there he was “politely” invited to go sodomize himself on his way to join the NORML group lol



This cracked me up.


So why use it?




Fall in love with drinking water. It’ll give you something to hold, carry with you, sip on. Makes your skin, look great. Wanna lose weight? Water! Drinking water fills you up, makes you snack less & makes your body happy :sweat_drops:


I’ve started drinking seltzer water. Cross that off my list of sober not yets.

I’ll never go on a diet (did it sober).
I’ll never go to the gym (yup, sober).
I never want kids (give me the babies, I am sober).
Seltzer water suxxxx (pass the poland springs please).

I can probably start a whole new thread with sober not yets.


I really need to drink more water. Even when I ride to work I don’t even touch my water bottle. Did 50 miles and I only drank half a 20oz bottle the whole ride.
Now coffee on the other hand. All of it.


I drink a lot of water…it has not helped me lose weight yet. I think I just have to face the fact that I am reaching that age where weight loss is just not going to happen. I love getting older…but sometimes not so much. LOL