Truth and tough love


You can either find time to fit recovery into your work schedule or you can keep using and drinking until you don’t have a work schedule to worry about. You can find time to fit recovery into family responsibilities or you can drink and use until you don’t have your family.

If you fancy yourself a highly functioning alcoholic (you’re not bc you’d function a lot better sober) then it really shouldn’t be hard to be a high functioning person in recovery.


Don’t wish. Just work. If you see something you want (sobriety) don’t wish you had it, just put in the work to get it. Today’s work equals tomorrow’s paycheck. Your time will come if you are willing to put in the work.


This whole thread should be published a coffee table book. Serious. Let’s make it happen!


They can be all motivational meme-like images with Derek’s words in artistic fonts.


Yes! Thats exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps some real imagery too, showcasing the effects of addiction.


So, I’m not the model example of perfect sobriety. I relapse on a semi-regular basis nowadays. About 30-60 days apart. That being said, I’m no quitter! And to all those addicts out there who think you’ve got all the answers and then drop off the face of the planet after being on this forum for a week, you’re not succeeding in sobriety. I, on the other hand, may not be perfectly sober all the time, but im not making excuses or quitting.

I’m in recovery for the long haul. Til it sticks.


Waiting on the push-ups still.


I’m sensing a Jack Handey vibe.


That picture makes me want to go there for a run!


I was just thinking about riding my bike down that road.


If I rode down that road I may not come back :smile:




I’ve found this out about friends in sobriety. I’ve lost some who I thought were like family. They weren’t. I just held them a lot higher than they held me. If your friend who judge you for not drinking they aren’t your friend. At least not to the extent you think they are. I get it, we all try to hold on to our past to some extent, it’s comfortable. But when you get sober things change. You are going to lose some friends, but you will gain others. It’s awfully dumb to risk your sobriety to please others. There’s people out there who deserve your friendship.


Heard something that stuck with me about resentments and grudges.

Holding onto a grudge or a resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die from it.

If you’re upset about something, don’t just let it stew and become a bigger thing than it is. Voice your opinion, realize not everyone is gonna see it your way and go on about your day.


Is there a single, legitimate, reason for drinking NA Beer? It doesn’t taste as good as real beer. It doesn’t get you drunk. If you are drinking it you clearly haven’t changed any behaviors. The phenomenon of craving is sure to return. I just don’t see the payoff. Do chicks dig guys who drink NA beer? Does it make you smarter or something?


Do you think there is anyone out there who drank a beer for the first time and thought, “wow, this is refreshing and delicious!” Because I certainly did not have that experience. Beer is gross, i drank it for the effect it had on my brain. When I quit drinking, NA beer was not even an option because I really wasn’t in it for the taste.


Right. I see 0 appeal in the NA stuff. There is beer out there that I can honestly say I did used to genuinely enjoy the taste of, but I’m not out there looking for NA versions. Just isn’t for me.

Seltzer does the trick these days


We had a going away party for one of tthe other mechanics in the shop yesterday. It was at a nicer bar/restaurant. The thought of a NA beer didn’t even cross my mind. The bartender kept my diet Coke full the whole time.


Yeah man, they have that soda gun behind the bar and its crazy how they can put it in a glass and not put ANY alcohol in it. It makes me feel like some kind of king of finance when I can spend $6 and drink coke all night. Meanwhile the folks drinking spend that on half a drink… dummies

Edit: all night = no later than 10 PM :joy:


I absolutely craved beer the first time I drank it. But I’m also a sick person lol I craved the feeling, the taste, having to sneak around to do. It was basically love at first sip.