Trying something new.. day 1

I’m 16, I smoke weed every day and I’m pretty much high all day every day. I also do psychedelics like mushrooms and acid weekly… and something’s telling me I need to make a change with what I do with my time. Im not happy, and I feel like my life is moving way too fast for me to keep up. I feel like I’m different, like nobody understands my problems and nobody understands me in general. I always choose to deal with my problems on my own… I don’t open up to a single person, not even my own parents, not a sibling, not a best friend. I feel like I need guidance. I’m gonna do my best to see what my sober brain has to say about my situation.


Welcome to the community its a lovely place and a place where we understands each other and support each other alot. We are here through the bad and the good times. The ugly and the pretty times. We celebrate together and we “cry” together. My drug of choice is alcohol, but i can relate alot of you feelings and i can tell you already that alot of people on here can. You are not alone. Currently celebrating double digits on sobriety 10 days. But have had longer periods but relapsed a Number of times. I can assure you that the support on here is priceless especially trough the rough periods. :blush::blush::cherry_blossom:. Welcome and read as much as you can on here and the searchbar can lead you to many usefull posts that have helped others and it might help you as well you are never alone on here there is always someone to speak to early in the morning, late at night or during the day. :blush::blush: congratulation on making your first move on here and to want a better life for yourself :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom: you are on the right way and you are so young and have the world infront of you. Welcome :blush:. Please use the daily checkin thread there is always someone who responds and we can all follow you on your sober journey :blush:

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