Trying to find my reasons

Hi guys, a new here and my question is we all have existential reasons we want to be sober. How do you remain motivated with an inner purpose? Thanks


Welcome to the forums !
I’ve written down my reasons to read back each time I was in doubt.
And I visit here daily. Reading how others are working on sobriety helps me stay focussed as well :+1:

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First of all, welcome!

I am remaining motivated by remembering where I came from. When I’m proud of myself and hearing it from others keeps me motivated aswell.

Right now I’d like to think it’s my time to shine, I’m doing things that, before, I only thought about but never did. I’m trying new things that I allways wanted to do!
Also, my higher power is God and I really believe that my weakness is also my strength, I build an education around that which I also wanted for the past couple of years.
I like to set goals for myself, small and big ones, but I also keep in mind that when I won’t reach them, it’s all good, tomorrow is another day.

Also for me really helps is to eat healthy, have a good sleep, share my struggles, be around my beloved ones, spend time with them again, seeing them happy makes me happy. In general I am a gratefull person and can really enjoy very little things this life has to offer!

I wish you all the best!


While there are many reasons why I want to be sober probably the number 1 reason is to stay alive. Alcohol essentially killed my mother, if not directly then indirectly via her diabetes. I don’t want that to be what my children look forward to.

I suppose that could be considered “existential” but I think of it as cold, hard, reality. Alcohol = Death.

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@Hopeisalive welcome!! I stay aligned and motivated because of all the benefits I realize staying Sober

  • No more lying to wife about why I drank and came home, or excuses to drink
  • Extra time from not drinking
  • Extra sleep I get

There are good days and bad days and ask god in my daily prayer to give me the strength and will power not to drink today and thank him for the day before I did not drink.

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Hello and Welcome!

My motivation is this burning desire deep down inside of me to Live/Life without the need to drink or do drugs! I always was under the impression that sobriety was no way to live! But I found out I was wrong and now, I’m actually pretty disappointed in myself for not going sober earlier in life!


My reasons are mainly, staying healthy, if i was to summarize all of it up into one word.
How i stay motivated is remembering how physically sick it made me, as well as the mental distress and how so many things in my life would be different or better if i hadn’t been drinking…
make a list, read it.
cons of drinking, pros of staying sober, why am i staying sober, what problems has alcohol caused me, etc, and read it. often. and allow yourself time for introspection to reflect on your life’s choices. come on here and read other stories. constantly educate yourself on alcohol and how harmful it is so you don’t forget in a moment of neglect. really anything you can do to fuel the fire on your resolve to quit drinking.

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when I am drunk I do stupid shit. The day before I made decision to be sober I drank an entire bottle and became suicidal. I want to be here for my kids ages 31 & 27 and I am fearful that if I drink any more the result would be horrible.

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Your all so helpful and friendly. I can tell this will be a place I visit everyday. Thanks everyone!


I want to be the best me I can be:

*A good mother for my kids and a sober example.
*As healthy as I can be.
*My mom died young of cancer. I know alcohol is a big part of getting cancer statisticly.
*I do not need hangovers, blackouts, shame in my life.
*I hate it to be dependent to someone ore something. So alcohol had to go too.