Trying to move on with my life, failing miserably

Today, I went to speak to my boss about an interview I’ve been invited to attend. I have been completely honest in the past and explained I’m struggling and even spoke to her about potentially leaving my current job to help with my mental health. She went ballistic, said things like “how dare you” to me and basically made me feel about 3 inches tall. I was happy about a change, about doing something for me and now I feel sad and angry and all I want to do is grab some bottles of wine, cigarettes, anything I can get my hand on. Am I over reacting?

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The people you want to be around are the ones that are going lift you up and be happy for your success. It sounds like just the opposite with your present boss. Do what’s best for you. Dont let her lack of self ruin what your trying to do. Stay focused and present. :sunglasses:


Your boss wouldn’t think twice about leaving for a better offer.
Excuse my French, but fuck her and the high horse she rode in on.
Her reaction shows what a shitty boss she is, and what a toxic work culture she develops.
It is your right and your responsibility to look after yourself in life and employment… You don’t need to look after your boss or the company you work. If their success depends on you only then they are a) not paying you enough, and b) not good at their own job.

Look after yourself.
Take these opportunities and never feel bad for doing so.


Taking care of yourself and your mental health are so important. I have had bosses react that way as well and frankly, it is a business, so their #1 priority is the bottom line. Your #1 priority is YOU. Take care of YOU and good luck with your interview!! And yeah, your boss could use some management lessons. Like how to sweeten the pot so you stay, not drive you off with statements such as how dare you.



Look at it as a HUGE test to your resilience. Don’t let her be a reason to sabotage your happiness!


Sometimes people go ballistic is because it’s triggered them. You are rising up. Some people find that very threatening and it lights a dark corner in their hearts because secretly they want to but don’t know how. You keep shining sweetheart. Remember her feelings are her responsibility. Keep living for you…intentionally.

Beautiful statement hun

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She is your boss. She doesnt care about you. Only what she can get out of you. She would replace you in an instant.

Do what is best for you and your loved ones. Keep work, work, leave the feelings at home.

Good luck.

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Thank you for all the support. I’m trying to feel positive but am feeling miserable. I can’t stop thinking about her reaction and asking whether I am such a bad person. I guess it doesn’t matter as it’s done and I can’t go back and change it. I’m trying to focus on your comments and I keep telling myself that It says more about her than myself. That her reaction was horrid but she’s fighting her own demons. I went over to a party with my family last night where there was alcohol and food and am proud to say, I only indulged in the food! Drove home safely and went straight to bed! At least that’s a small victory right there! Thank you for your comments, you truly are a helpful bunch of lovely people :blush:


Hey @Teapots well done for not picking up! I’m very proud of you! I think that the way your boss acted was …bare with me…I think it was the universe making the change that you now need to happen. If she’d of been nicey nice and offered more money you may of stayed?? But this way you have now seen her for what she is (a thoughtless dick :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) the universe has shifted for you and you are going to be better than you were in so many ways. It’s time for change. I’ve had so many things happen that has created massive changes and in the beginning it’s stressful and scary but I have moved forward in ways that I only dreamed of. It’s been slow but with each sober day we plant a seed and over time this is being harvested. Go for the job interview that is best for You and F**k your old boss! It’s you time now baby!! Hope you don’t mind my opinion? It’s just I truly believe that this is the next stage for you. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::pray:t2:

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Your boss was seeing the situation through her own selfish eyes. Couple that with the common stigma toward mental illness and her reaction does not surprise me.

Thank you for your advice, I really do appreciate it. I especially like the ones calling my boss a dick! I can’t seem to get over her reaction though, she always said she’d support me and now it’s like I’ve been bitten by my favourite puppy. It’s bringing me right down and I’m struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Why am I feeling like this?? Why is her opinion and comments affecting me so much?! I know I shouldn’t care and I should be getting up, making the most of the day but I can’t. I’m so frustrated!

Let that shit go and do what’s best for you. At the end of the day it’s you that you depend on most. You can do it …

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