Trying to remain sober single with two kids

I am 72 days sober today. Which ha am super proud of. My sobriety is super important to me. I have a lot going on right now. I live with my aunt whom wants me to be moved out before December 1st and I am stressed. I understand she wants me to be out on my own with my children and be responsible but I don’t know how. I am feeling as if I should have went to rehab and not put my kids thru this with me. I am losing hope. And I don’t like feeling this way. I am working the steps with my sponsor and attending meetings every day.


I’m not sure what you are needing? But it takes time. Just work at it. If you need help on housing look at Oxford house. And I’m sure others will jump in too.

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Keep on keeping on. Youre doing great. YOU have got this
Just as you always had alcohol to fall back on to cloud your judgement. You know how sobriety to move you forward…one step at a time…:v:

Always a pleasure to read your posts.

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Do you have a job? Is it going to be possible for you to get your own place?