Trying to Replace My beer with coffee

Yup, not working out. I drank one cup with lots of Ice 75 mgs of caff. Now Im super shaky, barfy and SQUIRREL! I dont like this feeling. Coffee is out. Next are sunflower seeds :neutral_face:


It helped me to always have something on ice at all times. Even if it was water. Still on ice, with a straw. This helped me because before I ALWAYS had a cocktail on ice in my hand or in my cup holder.


Sugary drinks or fruit juice worked for me, it helped with the sugar crash no alcohol caused in my system.

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We all have lil things that help. Ice really makes me feel like im drinking sonething special too :joy:

I HATE THAT IM AFTER SUGAR. IT SUCKS how much im craving it

Straight club soda with a lime. Especially if I am out with friends. Worked for 700 days so far


How bout sparkling water on ice? Helped me the first few months


Great strategy! I also love tonic with lime. Ps. You look like a non ginger Ed Sheeran in your profile pic!


Hah, I really feel this. I’m currently trying to break my coffee habit because I started drinking so much coffee since I’ve gotten sober. Not only does it give me crazy anxiety when I drink coffee, but I drink mine with cream, sugar, or whatever other flavored junk I can put in it, so I had been drinking A LOT of sugar with my new coffee habit.


It’s taken me two months to get back to my morning coffee (only one a day now to wake me up for the school run) otherwise it gives me the jitters, probably always did I just didn’t know it because I was always anxious


I would drink coffee all day and beer all night. My Dr agreed that I was trying to get a “feeling” during the day by using coffee when I couldn’t drink. I was told to cut down to 2 cups a day instead of 12. I did for a while now I’m back up to about 10.

The only time I really have an issue is when I dont eat. I have bad eating habits. I shake and eventually it does irritate my stomach. I however am in the process of fixing my eating and reducing my coffee.


I bought cases of La Croix and drank them all day and night. Just a little coffee in the morning as usual. Waaaaay healthier and definitely doesn’t add sugar, empty calories or other garbage to your diet.


I lived on sparkling La croix lemon or lime…on ice with a wedge. It helped a lot. Oh and lots of Hershey’s kisses.


Works for me!


Visiting my brother in New York. He was kind enough to buy two cases of the stuff.

Last night it might have saved me. Didn’t get much sleep and felt out of sorts. Realized after the fact I downed like 6 cans in a couple hours, not thinking about it. Fortunately all I got was well hydrated! :+1:


Thank you. From the chin down i loom like i ate ed sheeran… I also sound like seth rogen so I’ve been told


Diet A&W root beer and around 48 oz daily of coffee are my jams. Occasional NA beer, but honestly, I prefer the root variety.

Seth is the best!!

Perrier all the way it does help.

It does help. Especially since Im a beer drinker. The bubbles help

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Yeah, I think because we like that calm feeling of being drunk and then we try to replace it with a stimulant it really doesnt work out :sob: Trust me I know how u feel. Im sensitive to caffeine.

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