Turn your song playlist on full blast listen and dance even if you're by yourself! Let loose and dance away the bad vibes! What's on your playlist?🎵


:notes:Work - by Rihanna is one of my favs!


Uproar - Lil Wayne


I just finished a family dance party with my boys before bed- our playlist had Macklemore, Sia, Justin Bieber, Loud Luxury, Halsey and The Weeknd. What can I say, the boys like what they like!


my playlist hahah


Mostly this last couple of weeks I’ve let Spotify choose. I start off with Rory Gallagher and then the artist radio takes over. So it tends to be blues rock all the way!


I have been to so much music when home alone or in the car for the last two months my ears are starting to ring now haha :grimacing: I :heartbeat: music.


It’s getting close to xmas time…and this classic popped in my head


Any gangster rap, lil baby, meek mill, drizzy. Gets me right in the gym :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Mine is more of a yoga zen playlist so I don’t rock out to it.

But I LOVE a good kitchen dance party with my girls while cooking dinner!! We haven’t done it for a while but we would put on the radio while in the kitchen and dance like crazy fools.


I’ve got my lifting playlist, which is all metal and hardcore. My cardio playlist, which is a lot of pop-punk and 90s, and my “G-d Up” playlist that is all hip-hop and rap, played mostly to get me out of bad moods.