Two weeks through

Tomorrow marks Two weeks off pot… the third longest amount of time I’ve gone without smoking in my 20 years of age. Feeling great and full of energy. I hope that whoever’s reading can share some of this happiness. Life feels great.


I started my journey today. Its comforting to see others have so many positive things to say further down the journey. I look forward to posting about my 2 week milestone! Thanks for the motivation.


That’s awesome. Good work! I am 2 weeks sober from alcohol tomorrow too. Keep it up, friend.


Congrats my friend. After a while you’ll start looking at sobriety as a drug. Everything just feels so pure in life right now. I’ve quit nicotine after a time and have gone through terrible withdrawals so I know the pain you feel, struggling with the bullshit. Pot feels pretty simple to stop but I know you’re probably dealing with much worse. My advice is too take it one day at a time and to start up a new habit, maybe even divulge into an old one. For me, exercise and reading seemed to do the trick. You just gotta toughen your mind up… easier said then done. Just know you got me believing in you. Good luck and thanks for the encouragement!

Congrats on your 2 weeks free Everett!! :tada: :partying_face:

Welcome @Duchess!

@LaurieVee Congrats on your 2 weeks too!! :partying_face: :tada:

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Congratulations on 2 weeks Everett. I am a newbie here and an alcoholic. Today makes day 9 sober. Praying I can continue and not relapse.