Two years in Jersey

Wow I’ve thought about this day for 15 years alway wondering if it could ever happen to me ??? But today WE have Two Years !!! I was ok with dying shooting myself 7 times a day not caring if I died just waiting for it to come…before I would use I would video myself saying goodbye to love ones because I didn’t want anyone blaming themselves for my choices…now how things have changed two cars 4 credit cards two bank accounts but still my live life is lonely here in jersey it’s hard but I’m clean and wish I would have known i could post here


Absolutely. Great work Rob! :raised_hands:

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Huge congratulations on your 2 years, Rob! :partying_face::tada: Keep up the great work! I’m glad you found the community. :blush:

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brilliant! huge congrats on 2 years. :heart:

Well done fpr the :two: years and welcome here!