Ugh am i the?

Does anyone else have a problem with drinking out of anger? I just want to enjoy myself and i cant. Well i shouldn’t but thats not my point i just wanna know if im the only one. I moved my family yesterday with a uhaul and wouldnt let me pay in cash or use a debit card without putting 100 dollar deposit down. Ok fine. So i gave my father in law 95 bucks and found out i couldnt use a debit card so i had to pay an extra 200 bucks to move the family. So i spent 295 bucks and the guy that i got the truck from lied to me and i took it the wrong place and the place THEY told me to take it to isnt open for me to get my money back…i just wanna drink. Just one to relax…bit thats how it starts right? Im just so damn mad


Sobriety is about learning to deal with emotions. If you used alcohol as a solution to change your emotional state, you’d be doing exactly what you are trying not to do. You have a good opportunity here to teach your brain a new behavioral model. Getting angry doesn’t need to result in drinking any more.
Also if you were to drink, it wouldn’t change anything in the situation. You would not benefit from it. You would only loose.


Unfortunately the saying “I need a drink” when shit hits the fan or doesn’t go how it was supposed to, has become way too socially acceptable to say and then do in today’s society. For us, that one drink won’t do anything but highlight the issue and probably make you more frustrated, angry and irrational. Because we know one is never only one. Instead, don’t focus on what you can’t control but what you can control-how you react to this specific situation. You will get your money back, just not right now. Nothing you can do about that to change it. So for now, don’t let it ruin your mood and your day. Focus on positives like your move with your family! You can control how you react to situations and only you can control not to pick up because of that. Best of luck my friend


I would go through that to. My sponsor had me make gratitude lists when I would get mad or down. I would also read acceptance. At first I would shrug it off because honestly I was comfortable being mad, I know it sounds dumb, but I was used to getting mad and then drinking. It was one of my outlets. In fact I poked for reasons like that when I drank to drink so it was a natural reaction. Gratitude list forced my mind to change that behavior begrudgingly at first. You are doing great even if it doesn’t feel that way. Keep fighting that urge.


The only thing you’ll have to look forward to is resolving the issue (that is inconveniently unresolvable at the moment), tomorrow hungover. If you’re up on time and have all your marbles. This too shall pass. Go home and start unpacking, organizing, and staging to save yourself time before picking your money up at the earliest convenience.


I have a lot of negative responses that come from anger. For some reason I want to punish myself as an outlet. It was drinking for the longest time and now it’s a few other bad habits. Taking responsibility for myself is the best way for me to combat negative habits.


Bud, simply put, it’s not what life throws up, it’s how we deal with it!
Learn to accept that what happens to us at any given time is supposed to happen and then deal with it as such.
Drinking is seriously not going to do anything, I should know, I’ve spent nearly a lifetime doing it!


I loved anger. Self righteous anger was a real great reason to drink. I no longer drink over FEELINGS.

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