Ughs. Beating myself up over mistake at work

I made a mistake at work. Currently with covid we only typically run 1 cashier, however we have two registers. Only one drawer has cash. My shedule overlaps with another cashier by a few minutes. We had customers come in right after I clocked in, and I hopped on the cashless register to help out. Of course, the customer pays with cash.

The amount was 54.00. I swear I counted 3 fives, 2 tens, and a twenty. Well, I would normally set the money on counter in sight of customer, and get the 1.00 change. Recount money as I place it in drawer. Unfortunately, I just handed it to co worker and she set it in bottom of drawer to keep it seperate from her money. She handed me a dollar, and I handed it to customer.

I’m beating myself up over this 5.00. I’ve looked everywhere. No idea. Freaking out.

Oh well, I guess I will survive

Mistakes happen, we are only human after all, let it go and all will work itself out. Xx

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Too right. You are beating yourself up! Please accept we are all human. :innocent:

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Thank you both. I’ve read through the handbook, and I’m under threshold of allowable shortage. So, all is okay. I was just overthinking it. It felt good to type it out though.

Thank you for reading.