UK Peak District Hike - 16th May 2020

Moved from the hiking club thread to keep that tidier and have a place for organising this all.

Summary is a 20 mile circular walk starting at Mam Tor. All welcome for some or all of the route!

I have this article saved and would be up for any of the England and Wales ones.

Snowdonia might be around equally inconvenient for everyone?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Got some spare weekends in May, June and July :grin:

Anyone else?


Yeah, I’d be up for this.

Good read. Maybe something other than the main peaks?

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Totally open to suggestions. I don’t know what’s around in Shropshire that is fairly central to the three of us.

Shropshire has the Long Mynde. I don’t mind traveling to somewhere

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@DarrenUK what do you think?

What about Northumberland and do some dark sky camping?

@RedDragon @Iwebt @Frantasticooo want in?


Yep- or the Peak District or Snowdonia?
As long as I’ve got the weekend free and have plenty of notice I’m happy :smiley:

What about partners? Happy with or without, whatever the general consensus is I’ll go with

Sounds good. Up to everyone else. Though I don’t know if Jen would be free she’s got a lot of work for her master’s. Plus she don’t do the rough sleeping.
But I’m good for anything. Anytime baring the weekend of 11/July.

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I’m happy for partners to come but I don’t think Tom would.

Would love to another time. Right now I can’t justify the cost of getting down there. Thanks anyway! Maybe for the 2021 Hiking Club!

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When you say camping…you mean nice warm hotel right??


You should hop on the train and join us Menno :blush:

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Well who knows? It’d be nice for sure. I might not have the free days to do it this year. But I’ll keep an eye out for how this develops. :smiley:

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Beautiful. It somewhere I’d like to go one day.
I’ve just been up on Bredon Hill. Beautiful sun whilst in the valley really low cloud.
You fancy this get together later this year?

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Just plotted a 5.6 mile walk up Cadair Idris which is a nice walk and relatively easy. Loads in North Wales.

Dependent on ability- I’m up for Crib Goch / Snowden though… ?


This is Snowden Via Crib Goch then down Yr Wydffa and onto the miners track back


Or alternatively there is the Peak District 25 mile challenge which incorporates all the highest Peaks and is done over the course of the day. They have set events but I could easily plot and navigate myself :walking_man:‍♂

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If @Geo hasn’t been to the peak district then maybe we could try there? Also fairly accessible for anyone who might want to travel.

Could we say 20 miles max though please? I don’t want to go too OTT before the west highland way!

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Peak District is cool. If we want to do the challenge.
@DarrenUK, I’m definitely up for the Crib Goch Snowdon though. I want to do that way.
I’ve booked myself in to do Snowdon with the company that I’m doing the Fan Dance with on the 1st February. Two weeks away.
I don’t know which route they will do yet but I doubt it would be the llanberris one. And I don’t think it’ll be Crib Goch because it says depending on ability.
The idea is it’s a training session where we get the chance to learn how to TAB/ yomp military styley with a load.

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Yep- could plan a route starting from the car park at Mam Tor and walk along the ridge to Win Hill then head onto the Kinder Plateau and back- let me do a quick plot now