Unexpectedly around alcohol

I was at an event and someone who was drinking stood inches from my face. Eww! The smell of that beer and seeing him sway was such a put off.
Later a group was ordering bloody marys and they looked so good. I thought about getting a NA one but decided against it.
I didn’t plan on or expect to be around drinking today. I went to a polar plunge and chili cook off. People like to drink everywhere.
I felt great leaving the place and walking home with a clear head, decent energy and NOT craving more.


Good job! :hugs:

It was difficult for a moment when I walked by an abandoned table with bottles and glasses on it. I thought, “I could just drink those and no one would see.” Only for a moment!
I could have ordered drinks and no one would care or notice, but I was still thinking like a little sneakster.

Cunning, baffling and powerful.

Good work!

But… always mindful to be careful and on guard against the alcoholic mind!
You don’t want to play that game any more than necessary!

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Good for you!!! :+1:t2: