I’ve gotten over a lot of anger that recovery isn’t instant, that my life won’t suddenly be perfect because I’m not constantly fucked up.
But I don’t know if guess I was still expecting something, anything really. Like maybe it would be easier to get out of bed some mornings or life would be a little more bearable, and honestly everything is harder.


It’s a lot of work. I know that it’s hard.
But it’s worth it.
I just do it one day at a time.


Recovery is not an easy thing. It’s hard and it’s even harder to stay away from things that give us pleasure and choose to be happy. Our brains tricks us into thinking the easiest pleasurable feelings and emotions are the best ones.
But, the good thing is, your disciplining yourself and becoming more strong willed the more you resist the temptations of relapse.
It doesn’t get easier as you go farther along, you just become stronger and smarter to the patterns of urges.


You may be uninspired now, but tomorrow, you’ll thank yourself for not giving up

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Oh how much I get you. I have beem feeling similar, and even to get out of bed to go to work seems like meaningless and requares a lot if energy. For me mostly the thinking that: life will become better and come better like from puzzle peaces if I will spend enought time with clear head but not constantly fucked up, helps a bit.

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I’m with you! I quit drinking 115 days ago. I still wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by two trucks everyday. Then I drag my ass through the day like a zombie with brain fog thicker than pea soup. These are the two main reasons I quit, and I’ve had zero improvement. I get jealous when I read about people feeling “great” after 7-8 days. I was drinking 6-12 beers everyday when I quit, I wonder how much longer it’ll take.

On the upside, I’m saving about $200 a month!:euro: