Unsure which direction to take!

I am almost 4 months sober and have been going to AA for most of that time, I just did my step 5 over a week ago and since then I have no motivation or desire to go to meetings or to follow the program, I have no cravings or urges to drink either so I’m not worried as such but just not sure whether to make myself go or just go with the flow and take a break for a while.
Ive got quite a lot of other stuff going on at the moment- we are trying to sell our house and have a lot of viewings plus I am looking for a part time job and trying to brush up on my computer skills and also still struggling with my marriage so I just feel a bit overwhelmed at the minute I think!!

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Have you been going to AA meetings since the beginning of your sobriety? I can’t say what you should do but not working your program can be a slippery slope. You probably already know this about me but…I had 6 years years sobriety and relapsed because I started putting everything else ahead of my sobriety. I got too busy to keep doing the work that saved me. I quit going to meetings and reading the big book. I got complacent and cocky…thinking I had this disease licked. Well, it kicked my ass and I slid into the bowels of hell in my relapse. I went back to where it all started, to what saved me from myself. I no longer play these games with a cunning, baffling, progressive, and very patient disease. Just think hard about what your recovery and the fellowship has given you. What could possibly happen if you “take a break”.


That’s really good advice.


I get it. I’m kind of feeling this way right now. Need to get to more meetings…

I’ll probably take @Melrm’s advice :wink:


The first thing you put ahead of your sobriety is the second thing you’ll lose.


I went to a meeting this evening and it was great :slight_smile: Thanks for the encouragement everyone :slight_smile:


Hey there, I am right behind you with the steps @Jasmine69. Step 4 is pretty intense, and I guess 5 must be as well, since it is a continuation of Step 4 work. I’m glad you went to a meeting and it was good!


Thanks @Kareness I have decided just to hang in there with the program but not rush to do anymore steps, I find the support at the meetings amazing :slight_smile: