Upcoming wedding

Sooo I have my bfs friends wedding coming up on tomorrow and I’m really not feeling it considering I wanna stay sober. Thing is I’ve been dating my bf now for a year and I use to be an escort before I met him. He has a successful job and his friend who is getting married is from work and all his friends from work will be there and know about my being an escort previously. The shame of that and the anxiety I have for just being recently sober is getting to me. Any advice?

Go an be unapologetically you, sober.
I had a history of sleeping with alot of guys before I met my husband and Ive alwsys felt so ashamed.It doesnt define you as a person.If anyone says anything about it your bf needs to put them in their place and have your back. Remember that you also dont have to stay anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable.
I did a wedding sober in early sobriety I was about a month in and I was so scared I stayed for a few hrs maybe 2 or 3 and at that point I was ready to leave.I mingled laughed hung out had a shirley temple and then I was out.
Just remind yourself that the most important thing is not your past its the present.


Thanks for ur advice

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You’re sweet

Bahaha that’s too funny

I made it through the wedding sober! Yay me! And considering it was an open bar at that’ feels great!


Way to go @Sunbaby!!!