Upper endoscopy procedure

I am a returnee. Was sober 4 months, about 4 months ago oddly. Currently have a week sober. Recently posted I experienced reverse tolerance (where I was heavily buzzed on my 3rd beer), and threw up black by the 6th beer and don’t remember much after that. And, haven’t drank since nor desired it, but I know that the cravings will return. This is nothing new to me.
My questions are if anyone has had a endoscope? What should I expect? I don’t like being sedation. Werid how we hate these types of things, but getting drunk we love. I’m a bit scared, as things are starting to get real. Everyone that knows me says the same “maybe this is what you needed”. Ahh, thanks! I’m sure I deserve it.
I’m all over the place. As you can tell from my post. Just looking for advice post procedure. And some support. TIA


Try not to be scared, it’s going to be ok. And you’ll find out a lot of what’s going on in your body.
Maybe google some of your questions too.

Hi there. I had an endoscopy done-I had esophageal varices which is when blood flow is blocked from the liver. Usually occurs with people with advanced liver disease. It’s not scary, you’re out for it and it’s quick. Do you know what they are looking for?

I certainly don’t want to diagnose you, I’m totally unqualified. I was a blackout drinker for years, and had some classic withdrawal symptoms almost daily by the end. Shakes, digestive nightmares, alcohol neuropathy, and a few instances of reverse tolerance. I needed to stop drinking or die a slow messy death.

And I’m thinking your symptoms are serious.

They’ll take care of you for the procedure. A colonoscopy is the same procedure, just from the other end. I’ve had three of those (I’m high risk for colon cancer and started screening early). They gave me a drug that induced a blackout so that I did not remember the procedure. Probably some other stuff to keep me quiet and still, too.

How are you going to stay sober? I used individual counseling, Antabuse and AA. These days I use AA and this forum. I’ll hit 16 and a half years in a few weeks, so I can say it’s working for me so far!

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


The surgeon is looking for anything abnormal due to your coffee ground emesis. Varices, Barrett’s esophagitis which is precancerous mucosal changes, gastric ulcers, and will test for H. Pylori while there. You will be out for it and I hope they find all is well inside. If we remember sobriety first, everything else just works!

No, but I was very honest when I called and told them I believed I needed an appointment because I threw up black and was an alcoholic. They called it something, but I do not recall

Are you jaundiced? How’s your appetite?

No, and it’s good. Unfortunately I’ve gained about 5 lbs this week alone. Which is weird, because I’ve been sober a week.

If you are on blood pressure meds please take them. Feel better soon and take care. We don’t have to or need to drink anymore.

I think you asked what to expect post procedure and said you did not like sedatives. I do not know what country you are in. Many will use profolol which will put you out in a hurry and after you wake up you will soon feel very alert and like you could drive, although you should not. If it is not that you may feel drowsy afterwards. It is safest to do it with a sedative so you will be still and they can do their job. Good luck w your results. I hope they will be easily able to treat your condition.

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