Us at Day One

I reached 3 months and 27 days then I did blow.
I did it because I felt that tantalizing urge and justified my actions with PRECISE reason. Of course.
Today I’m back at day one without the weight of shame and disappointment but with a battle wound from continuing to push foward.

Your walk to sobriety is your own.
And if you’re back at day one too, know that day one has welcomed you.

Keep your energy up. Stay humble. Sent with love :blue_heart:


Day one is the most important day! Good of you to be back on track. Try to learn from your relapse to avoid a new one. What are you going to do next time when craving kick in?
Make yourself a sober plan. You can look for examples by using the :mag: bar above.
You did almost 4 months so you can do more, go get it! :facepunch: