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Tonight I grieve the little girl in me who didn’t feel safe. And I love the addict who did what she had to do to keep me here.


Very well said. It’s taken me a while to let go of the shame from things I’ve done in my past, especially around drinking, and honestly I still struggle with it but it’s been so important in healing.


Thank you for responding


What powerful words, went straight to my heart, i realised that the scared little girl within me didnt need to be saved anymore because she had grown into a capable adult woman who had used addiction to cope but now could attain sobriety


Welcome. I wish you well in your journey. Sobriety gives us the time and mental energy to face our past, not block it out.:purple_heart:


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

It’s great to have you join us :hugs:

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We never regret The past nor regret to wish to shut the door on it… It is our experience strength and hope that we share. Ye that know the truth shall set ye free. Freedom from what?? .

Freedom from the bondadge of self and the chains that bind us. That victory over them may bear witness to those that I would help. And thy way of life. May I do thy will always. Not my will but thine be done. Keep the faith. And the Grace of God go I.

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