Vertigo -help please

I’ve woken up with awful vertigo this morning. Ears ringing and I’m having to cling to the bed for fear of falling off. I get it every now and then, but usually in the evening and I can just go to bed. My husband is taking the day off to look after the children, I just feel so I’ll!
Any tips please?

(171 days sober- one ‘blip’ 19 days ago)

Omg my heart bleeds for you! My ex partner had it and i nursed him on the bathroom floor, he was so poorly! I was so worried I even contacted non emergency medical advice, they told me there wasn’t much they could do. Its horrible but time limited so just got to wait it out… Hope yours passes soon!

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Thank you @JustL, it’s slightly improved in that I’m not being sick :persevere:
I’m finding that focusing on the screen is helping, which surprised me. Still in bed, riding the waves though!

Try a dramamine…it has helped me in the past.

You need to see your PCP. Your symptoms are consistent with Meniere Syndrome.