Viatmins for anxiety

Is there a particular vitamin I can take to help with the stress and anxiety of not drinking


but I think a B complex helps regulate emotions and Magnesium will help with staying calm.

From one website…
“Magnesium and calcium are usually taken together, where you need twice as much magnesium as calcium, although anxiety sufferers may need to supplement with magnesium alone.”

Vitamin D is a feel good vitamin too. It is probably best to get it from sunlight (you end up making your own) rather than taking a supplement. Get out for a walk in the sun…it will do you good on so many levels.



Thank you for you advice and views very interesting topic.xx

Maybe Google on “L-Theanine”.
I work at a vitamine store and had advise that to you if you would came into my store.
Magnesium and a high dosed vitamin B complex is a good one too.
Ps, L-Theanine is not a vitamin but a amino acid.

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