Victory will be mine! (And yours!)

Hi Everyone,

Today I am 5 days clean from porn and 2 days clean from masturbation.
I just want to say, that this is no small thing for me to confess, but 5 days is a lot for me and 2 days is massive progress! I will continue to fight until my last breath so I can be finished with this repulsive addiction! I will conquer it! By my God all things are possible and by Him I can be completely liberated and so can you my friends out there struggling with this secret addiction! Fight in prayer, fight with all the means you can! Destroy this root of filth and completely uproot it, roots in the air, no nourishment for the flesh!

You and I are going to make it! Whatever your addiction, you can kick it all the way back to hell where it belongs!

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Congratz on the 5 days :smiley:

I just made it 5 days as well, however i had a relapse just a few minutes ago… :frowning:

But 5 days is quite an achievement for me, i hope i can keep making progress. I wanna aim for the double digits.

Good luck to you, keep up the good work :smiley:

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Hey Purgis, check out my latest post at the bottom of this thread posted today
7 October 2018. Maybe you will find something there that helps you. Never give up. Get up. Everytime. A righteous man falls 7 times and gets back up again. Again and again get up when you get knocked down. Then you learn how to fight and you learn how to make better choices in the next round! Porn is a cruel enemy! It doesn’t treat its customers well!! I know hownyou feel now! Been there! U feel rotten, but just jump back into the fight and make a strategy! I will pray for you Purgis! U can whip this thing!