WallE rescue Pitty


Yay… 2 hearts!!

This guy keeps me on my toes!! LOL

Is it a pitbull?

Good on you for getting a rescue, beautiful souls pittys have great with kids

Yup… A rescue outta Detroit… I named him WallE from the Disney cartoon. His ears and his up lifting attitude LOL. I live in a condo complex… Lots of seniors… He’s a hit… Everyone knows his name and wants a hug from him LOL


Pitbulls are the best. I hate that they have a very negative image

Ya got that right… Know your history. They were the “nanny dog” in the bad ole days. Love to take care of kids… Look it up

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I think the only way dogs become aggresive is when their owner abuses them

Ya think?? LOL… All they wanna do is make people happy… Its great when he’s hugging all my neighbors and them I tell them… Be careful… He’s a vicious Pitt Bull… Gonna eat your kids… We all get a good laugh outta that!!

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Um… Can I get some food LOL

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He’s so cute

Not just cute but Fn smart!!

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I rescued one too! Been over a year now and yes they do keep you on your toes! But are the biggest lap dogs too!


Yay!!! That’s awesome!!!

So cutee(:heart:ω :heart: )

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He keeps me sane!! A buddy that needs me… Food, walks, throwin his ball around … Best pal EVER!!